Roots to Branches 

Counseling and Evaluation Services

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Services

(Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida)

Counseling Services, Psychoeducational  Evaluation, Academic Testing

About the Practice

Roots to Branches Counseling and Evaluation Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and counseling services.

Counseling I am dedicated to providing compassionate support for individuals, couples, and children navigating emotional, social, or adjustment challenges. Whether rooted in depression, anxiety, OCD, or complex trauma, I offer a diverse range of therapeutic interventions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Collaboratively, we develop and monitor treatment plans to ensure they align with your specific goals and preferences. Treatment modalities include CBT, DBT, EMDR, ACT, and Play Themed Therapy.

Assessments focus on discovering the unique pattern of strengths and challenges that each individual possesses. The goal is to maximize personal strengths and mitigate challenges by identifying the appropriate interventions, accommodations and supports needed to facilitate success. Specializing in psychoeducational testing, I assess ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities, giftedness, depression, OCD, and anxiety. This comprehensive approach aims to identify potential impacts on academic or vocational success. 

Let's Get Started Whether you are seeking support for yourself, as a couple, or your children, my commitment is to establish a safe environment where you are treated with respect as a valued partner in your journey toward increased wellness. Explore my approach to see if it fits your unique needs. Let's navigate the path to positive change and personal growth together.