Comprehensive Psychoeducational Services 

(Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida)

Psychoeducational Evaluation, Academic Testing, and Counseling Services

About the Practice

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and counseling services.

Assessments focus on discovering the unique pattern of strengths and challenges which each individual possesses. The goal is to maximize personal strengths and mitigate challenges by identifying the appropriate interventions, accommodations, and supports needed to facilitate success. 

Counseling services start with building a relationship of trust and support and working together with the client and family to develop meaningful and obtainable goals. 

Common areas of concern for families seeking support include; ADHD, Autism, Executive Functioning Deficits, Dyslexia /Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Processing deficits, and social/emotional concerns such as depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and self-injurious behavior.